React Native March 2017 (v0.43.0) released

v0.43.0 on GitHub (npm)

This is March 2017 release, also known as v0.43.0.

Breaking changes

Correct value of Dimensions.get('screen').fontScale

(186f308) - @rigdern

On Android, the following properties now return a different number:

  • Dimensions.get('window').fontScale
  • Dimensions.get('screen').fontScale
  • PixelRatio.getFontScale()

This is a breaking change to anyone who was using these properties because the meaning of these properties has now changed.

These properties used to return a value representing font scale times density (DisplayMetrics.scaledDensity). Now they return a value representing just font scale (Configuration.fontScale).

Only call batchDidComplete when there were actually native calls dispatched

(5f09ca4) - @astreet

This is breaking because it affects the contract for onBatchComplete, but modules really shouldn't (and probably aren't) depending on it being called without any actual native module method calls having happened.



New features and enhancements



New features and enhancements



New features and enhacements