React Native June 2017 (v0.46.0) released

v0.46.0 on GitHub (npm)

This is June 2017 release, also known as v0.46.0.


Breaking changes

  • Better TextInput: contentSize property was removed from TextInput.onChange event (bac84ce) - @shergin
  • Using Image with nested content now causes warning (yellowbox) (279f5f1) - @shergin


New features and enhancements

  • Native Animated: Prevent views driven by native animated from being optimized away (c87524e) - @janicduplessis
  • Fail gracefully for node<4 in react-native-cli (const->var) (699a0be) - @rh389
  • Add more prop type for View (05ec850) - @mjmahone
  • Add flexWrap warning when used with FlatList (eac399b)
  • Add error message when calling sync methods from the Chrome debugger (7837bdb) - @javache
  • Add message to remind user to enable wifi (f1284b8) - @sebirdman
  • Introducing ImageBackground, replacement for Image which supports nesting views (9637dd4) - @shergin
  • Only call callImmediates once per batch (07ee2fb) - @javache
  • Automatically request location permission when accessing geolocation (9e026ec)
  • Exposes requestAuthorization method (3c64d95)
  • Render section footer in SectionList sections with no data (f702cbe)
  • ART: Call toString on fontWeight else throws error if passed an integer (7cddaa0) - @davidlrnt
  • XMLHttpRequest withCredentials defaults to "true" (9b4a644) - @DanielZlotin
  • CLI: Adding shebang to script (f16df60) - @gabriel-laet
  • Forcing to alignSelf: stretch was removed from TextInput (4e40521) - @shergin
  • Singleline TextInput now has intrinsic size (ea9d674) - @shergin
  • Multiline TextInput was fixed to match layout logic of singlelined one (4865022) - @shergin
  • VirtualizedList: Pass data prop instead of props to _updateViewableItems in _onScroll (803a916) - @Ashoat
  • Update inquirer package to better support interactive command line prompts (bada25d) - @Yu-w
  • Allow lazy modules registration with the BatchedBridge (485bb70) - @fromcelticpark
  • Refactor of Fiber integration with React Fiber + Stack (59e41b4) - @trueadm
  • Improve View props and style stuff (1f3140c) - @sahrens
  • Cleanup PerformanceLogger (2a3de8f) - @sahrens
  • Support options param for requestIdleCallback (cf51aee) - @jhen0409
  • Adding the ability to run GC on a different thread than the one JSContext was created in (578227d)
  • Create JS executor and context on main thread w/ custom JSC (e284a9d)






New Features and enhancements



New Features and enhancements

  • Add viewIsDescendantOf for UIManager on Android (663df57) - @Swordsman-Inaction
  • Add missing Java files to RN fbjni sync (f0e4a6c) - @javache
  • Allow WebView to handle about:blank (26ee9b9) - @rigdern
  • Update (c2eb9f4) - @chnfeeeeeef
  • Updating shake handling for Android in ShakeDetector and DevSupportManagerImpl (aeccbd6) - @sumkit
  • Remove DialogWhenLarge style from devsupport (37d4fd3)
  • Stop SystraceMessage markers with SystraceMessage.endSection (46b3a89) - @michalgr
  • Don't include JNI dep in OSS build (964c3a1) - @javache
  • Add prop on WebView to enable third party cookies (7807247) - @saleel
  • Handle [native code] stack frames (0ee8786) - @adamjernst
  • Don't enqueue another UI operation if we're already on the UI thread (213ea30) - @aaachiuuu
  • Move to{HashMap,ArrayList} up to Readable{Map,Array} (fe229f8) - @dcestari
  • Remove useless code from ReactImageView.RoundedCornerPostprocessor (e0bdb7c) - @plamenko
  • Don't block attaching ReactRootView on measuring (8125ce5) - @aaachiuuu