React Native April 2017 (v0.44.0) released

v0.44.3 on GitHub (npm)

This is April 2017 release, also known as v0.44.0.


Breaking change

Remove support for @provides

6cbb57d - @jetzhliu

If you were using @provides NameOfModule, you should now switch to @providesModule

Only call batchDidComplete when there were actually native calls dispatched

c8d922b - @astreet

This is breaking because it affects the contract for onBatchComplete, but modules really shouldn't (and probably aren't) depending on it being called without any actual native module method calls having happened.


New features and enhancements



Breaking changes

Remove MapViewIOS

48f30ec - @mkonicek

<MapView /> was deprecated for a while, in this release it is removed from react-native.


New features and enhancements



  • Fix java.lang.RuntimeException: Tried to get non-existent cookie (d2939ea)
  • Apply numeric text event bubbling fix (17cb70e) - @sebmarkbage
  • CLI: Update run-android to work on Windows (f891985) - @jrodiger
  • Don't crash in StackTraceHelper.convertJsStackTrace (957b55c) - @petterh
  • Fix crash if native code tries to update the size of a modal view after JS has removed it (5873a22) - @astreet
  • Fix FrescoModule not initialised in Nodes (63fa621)
  • Fix NullPointerException in ReactShadowNode.toString() (242a58f) - @petterh
  • Fix ClassCastException in ReactModuleSpecProcessor (379b60d)
  • Fix order of width and height in Fresco (c311096)

New features and enhancements

  • PickerAndroid: Convert children to an array before accessing with a position (720e195) - @justim
  • Allow DeviceInfoModule to be instantiated with only an android Context (ec4b854) - @mhorowitz
  • Explain how to package app for or Nexus/Maven deployment (a0b5a6e) - @MattFoley
  • Profiler: Remove the old heap profiler visualization code (af590b0) - @cwdick
  • Profiler: Download files through RN packager connection (373eb61) - @cwdick
  • Warn when long timers are set with AlarmManager (3637bce) - @astreet
  • Extract PackagerConnectionSettings to ensure easier reusability of PackagerConnection module (60142ad)
  • Ensure ResourceDrawableIdHelper is thread-safe (11814a5) - @ashwinb
  • Don't call clearFrameCallback() if we don't have a ReactChoreographer to clear the frame callback on (ba75d99) - @AaaChiuuu
  • Update PositionError to be an object as per docs (94d93f7) - @dabit1
  • Optimize ReactShadowNode by more manually converting between string and enums (436a9a5) - @emilsjolander
  • Set hasNewLayout on children when changing their layout due to display none parent (4bf2d8c) - @emilsjolander
  • Replace string comparison with enum (63035a4) - @BruinBear
  • Make bridge load module lazy (f804af2)
  • Make SystraceRequestListener extend BaseRequestListener (01a0e10) - @kirwan